Polynesian Temple Relaxing Sensual Therapeutic Massage 




The Polynesian temple massage is a deeply relaxing massage unlike any other. Massage aficionados will appreciate this truly unique treasure of a massage. Consists of long strokes, imitating the flow of the ocean, using hands, palm heals, fingers, forearms. Polynesian massage movements follow the rhythm of the soothing, relaxing ambience music as your body and mind relax. You can enjoy tropical nourishing raw coconut or vitamin E rich hot oil with or without aromatherapy. 

As this massage therapy has distinctive movements and beautiful uninhibited continuous flow to quieten your mind, this massage is performed on the massage table using plenty of oil, more so than for most massage types.  

Polynesian massage is nourishing for both your mind and body as well as re-invigorating. In its own right this type of treatment is releasing, healing, relaxing yet energising and intimate, creating balance and harmony. 

I, like you can have a covering or go naturist, what ever is your comfortable level. 

Joy has so far given 400+ Polynesian massage 2hrs+ sessions of this rare and exquisite massage treat. 


min 2 hr            £350

      2,5hr           £420

For any further inquiries please contact Joy on +447496673551 


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