"Shinrin Yoku" and Tree Hugging Benefits

A beautiful and calming alternative or addition to cuddling, tree hugging and "forest bathing" is a great and free well being pastime. Spending time in nature including tree hugging has numerous benefits backed by science; releasing oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, feeling calm and happy, improved brain function, reduce stress and anxiety, boost of your immune system, better emotional health, grounding and more connection with one self. The natural color green lowers systolic blood pressure and calms the central nervous. Overall it is an indisputable therapeutic renewal worth the leisurely endeavour.

Interestingly, trees release so called phytoncides, a type of aerosol molecules which we absorb thru our skin and inhale; often times the same terpenes found in aromatherapy. These fantastic compounds can release endorphins aiding in our well being. Some of these wonderful aerosol molecules increase "natural killer" cells which are crucial within our immunity system and others can elevate levels of intracellular anti-cancer proteins.

So don't be shy; hug a tree 🤗


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