Skin Hunger and Mental Harm

The negative side effects of current times are plentiful; one of them is for many people being deprived of human touch. According to experts, we in fact need touch to survive.

“We’re social animals, we do need (human touch),” saidChristine Korol, a registered psychologist at the Vancouver Anxiety Centre.

“From an early age, we crave physical contact from our parents or caretakers. In fact, physical touch is one of the first ways we learn to communicate our needs,” says Joshua Peters, a registered psychotherapist at the Centre for Interpersonal Relationships.

People who experience a lack of touch may start to exhibit some symptoms including feelings of hopelessness, stress, anger and low motivation and depression.

Peters adds that "a lack of physical touch might also cause individuals to excessively worry about their physical appearance or experience their body as ‘not feeling real"

To counter act skin hunger, experts recommend a regular contact with a pet if possible, hugging pillows or self massage.


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