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For anyone who would like to cuddle 

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"Touch is the first language we speak"

  Stephen Gaskin



Miss Joy
Intimate Cuddle Therapist

Hello :)

Have you ever had a cuddle "me" time? Would you like to become a cuddlee or even try both cuddlee and cuddler versions of your self? And on top of it a la naturist?

Then I am here for you! 

My name is Joy

and I have a wealth of experience in body work, sensual treatments and interest in wellness alternative 



I have increasingly realised how the power of touch and human closeness, gentle togetherness and connection are essential to our well-being. 


I created cuddling in 'birthday suit' (aka as nude) as I have noticed the need for touch and closeness many seek.  At the same time, as much as this is a nude session, there are boundaries in place. I.e. there is 200% no intercourse and its close derivatives. It is 

safe, respectful and given nudity 100% discrete and private.


In my sessions I create a relaxed space for you to be accepted as you are. If not fully comfortable nude then we can keep part of our clothing/underwear.

Your comfort at all times is very import to me as well as mutually knowing that as much as this is a close contact and a caring, loving, sensual, heart warming experience, we are not crossing limits. 

 Our session creates a lovely energetic flow which is empowering in its own right. Joyful snuggling, cuddling, cuddling 

positions, warm embrace, combined with an optional sensuous, tender, sensual and at the same time therapeutic massage of your chosen pressure. Combined it all brings about a sense of bodily and mind renewal. 

Cuddling in birthday-suit and relaxing sensual massage is both fulfilling, energising, 

pleasurable as well as calming. I invite you to try for yourself.   


With warmest cuddles 

Miss Joy xx

Caring touch, gentle togetherness 

and comfort. 

"I just wanted to thank you and compliment you for today Joy. It was exactly what I wanted and needed. It was great"

  Eric, NYC, USA

."This was magic, thanks a lot Joy"

John, North London 

"Joy, thank you for the wonderful session, I have finally found my regular peace maker in you. I will surely be coming again soo"

Mark, Essex, UK

"Thank you Joy, a lovely time, I fully enjoyed being in your company Joy, the experience was well worth it, the best!"

Ronan, West London 

"Hi Joy, thank you that was and amazing experience and very sensual, looking forward to next time. Thank again" 

Eugen, Moscow, Russia

"Hi Joy,  I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful time yesterday. I look forward to the next time we meet"

James, Guildford 

"Miss Joy, it was so lovely meeting you today. You are such a genuine and amazing lady. I feel renewed after our session. Thank you so much"

Jonathan, London, UK

"I wanted to thank you Joy as I am deeply touched by yesterdays session and the fact that I spent time with a beautiful personality as yours"

Daniel, London 

"Hi Joy, just wanted to thank you for your time a few weeks ago. It was enlightening and definitely helped me through a touch week. See you again next time" xx

Carl, Surrey, UK

"Hi Joy, thank you for the experience I was very intrigued. Also amazed at your knowledge of the alternative side..."

Thomas, Ireland 




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