“nudism…is itself

a form of therapy.”

-Abraham Maslow







Welcome to a unique experience of platonic, soothing and therapeutic cuddling London (with naturist option available).

Reward yourself with some "me" time as you receive sensuous, caring and warm touch relaxation, all part of gentle togetherness cuddling.

At all times with respectful boundaries in place.

As we are wired for human touch, being held, gently squeezed, nurtured and cuddled feels so comforting, warm and revitalising, unlike anything else.

As much as this is a nourishing cuddling session in itself you can also opt to receive a therapeutic sensual massage with tantra elements.

Let yourself be embraced nude and joyfully feel the benefits of skin on skin physical contact.

For anyone who would like to cuddle



"Touch is the first language we speak"

  Stephen Gaskin

Skin on skin touch


"I just wanted to thank you and compliment you for today Joy. It was exactly what I wanted and needed. It was great"

  Eric, NYC, USA

."This was magic, thanks a lot Joy"

John, North London

"Thank you for being so warm and sensual - it was exactly what I needed. I can't believe how quickly the two hours went!

Stay well and keep smiling ..."

Marco, West Surrey

"Thank you for the best session I've had so far Joy. You are one of a kind!

Your affectionate, respectful and admiring client"

Jerry, Manchester, UK

"Joy, thank you for the wonderful session, I have finally found my regular peace maker in you. I will surely be coming again soo"

Mark, Essex, UK

"Thank you Joy, a lovely time, I fully enjoyed being in your company Joy, the experience was well worth it, the best!"

Ronan, West London 

"I would like to thank you again for your great service Joy. I didn't have such a good night for the last 10 years. You are amazing and I am lucky I found you"

Mohammad, London City 

"Hey Joy, I just wanted to say thank you for all the times you've seen me. I know its part of the service but you always make me feel very welcome and relaxed. Take care."

Rick, Richmond, UK

"Hi Joy, thank you that was and amazing experience and very sensual, looking forward to next time. Thank again"

Eugen, Moscow, Russia

"Hi Joy,  I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful time yesterday. I look forward to the next time we meet"

James, Guildford 

"Thank you soooo much Joy. You are brilliant! You made my day, I never had anything like that. I rate you 5 star! I am sure I will see you soon again. Thanks. "

Kristof, Golders Green 

"That really was amazing. Truly mind blowing. Thank you so much and have a good eve. "


Robert, Brighton, UK

"Miss Joy, it was so lovely meeting you today. You are such a genuine and amazing lady. I feel renewed after our session. Thank you so much"

Jonathan, London, UK

"I wanted to thank you Joy as I am deeply touched by yesterdays session and the fact that I spent time with a beautiful personality as yours"

Daniel, London 

"Hi Miss Joy - thank you so much for the cuddle and massage session yesterday. It was out of this world! I still feel amazing today. You have such a wonderful touch and very sensual demeanour. I would definitely like to see you for another session soon!"


Steve,  Sevenoaks, UK

"Thank you Joy. What a beautiful afternoon. Shimmering and pulsing in tender loving non dual awareness. Joy and Bliss"

Daniel, London, UK

"The cuddle and massage were really incredible. It was a beautiful experience"

Elizabeth, Glasgow, UK

"Hi Joy, just wanted to thank you for your time a few weeks ago. It was enlightening and definitely helped me through a touch week. See you again next time" xx

Carl, Surrey, UK

"Hi Joy, thank you for the experience I was very intrigued. Also amazed at your knowledge of the alternative side..."

Thomas, Ireland 

"Thank you again Joy, you do have an incredible touch. So slow paced, loving, exciting yet deeply relaxing. The best combination!"

Hans, Amsterdam, NL

"Hiya Joy, seeing you was such a sweet experience! You have much magic, with your fabulous body and intriguing mind and passionate soul. Thank you again and see you when I am back in London!."

Lee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Wonderful to have met and thank you - that was truly wonderful. "

Duncan, Los Angeles, USA

"Thank you Joy, you have such a warm, peaceful, positive and welcoming personality, this coupled with us being naturist, I felt it was so easy for me to open up with my very private and intimacy related matter. Thank you!"

Esteban, Bern, Switzerland



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Delightful Therapeutic Cuddling


Please note that Naturist Cuddling (www.cuddlejoy.co.uk)  service are not intended to be, or serve as a substitute for medical/psychological advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment from a licensed professional. Always seek the advice of your GP or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical or psychological condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of any information received in a session or on this website.

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